Our International high school program (9th to 12th grade) is tailored for those who are looking to attend college in the United States.  With our international high school program, students may take remaining American high school classes concurrently while completing China's high school program.  Thus students will graduate with two diplomas without leaving their hometown in China, and students can either stay in the universities in China or go study abroad in the United States upon completion of our program.  
Students may also take American college level classes in our program, to prepare them to be ready for the university courses in the United States.  This would help students to complete some university credits in advance without paying college tuition while strengthen their transcripts.   This will show admissions officers that the students are ready for college-level work. 
Premier One’s International high school program- more flexibility and better future.


Our courses are fully accredited in the united states and it ensures that our students could apply college and universities worldwide.   Our continuous self study and outside evaluation from the accreditation bureau ensures that we continuously meet ever-improving accreditation guidelines, offering our students the very best education available.

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